Hands of Love Philippines Foundation inc.

Bringing hope to the communities with a touch of true love

Hands of Love Philippines Foundation inc.


The HANDS OF LOVE PHILIPPINES aims to facilitate sustainable development of poor communities. The beneficiaries of our programs are the poorest among the poor, the marginalized families and the indigenous tribes. We hope to affect the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspect of their lives.

Our Vision...

Our Vision

Hands of Love Philippines is a foundation motivated by love to work with the poor and marginalized people and aims to end physical and spiritual hunger in the Philippines and the world.

Our Mission...

Our Mission

We serve the poor, the tribes and nations as a peacemaker through community development.

Our Goal...

Our Goal

We facilitate sustainable development of the community and its people to advance toward their given potential.

Who We Are

We are a group of people united by our passion, love and determination to provide new hope to the poor through sharing and optimizing our God-given resources, time and skills.
Our aspiration is simple:
To see the people around us keeping stronger with smiles on their faces.

What We Do

We encourage people to be self-reliant so that they can obtain their basic needs with their own hard work.
We respond to disasters with compassion. Our goal is to save lives and reduce suffering.
We raise the awareness of the people to the sufferings of the poor, the hungry and the lost in the Philippines and the world.

How We Do It

We facilitate community development through…

Mangyan Literacy Program Sido, Mindoro

Educational and Health Programs

We do tutorials, health & nutrition seminars, and basic literacy education (how to read and write).

Relief Operation Pampanga, 2011

Relief Programs

We directly provide relief goods, along with other organisations, to the people affected by calamities.

Soap and Bead-Making Mindoro

Livelihood Programs

We provide technical and financial support to the people for income-generating activities such as soap-making, bead-making and hog-raising

Feeding Program for the Mangyan People

Feeding Program

We conduct feeding programs for the Mangyan people while educating them about healthy eating and its benefits.

Why With Us

We facilitate community development through…

We are still a small organization


This makes it easier for people within the org to communicate, cooperate and share their ideas and opinions about projects, activities, anything.


You will be more involved…

Here at Hands of Love we believe in relying on each other from planning to implementation of programs. By doing so, everyone knows the details of each activity
- no one is left behind.


We share the same goals - to help other people

We may have different opinions, ideas and personalities but we share the same goals and vision ? which makes our organization interesting yet continuously improving.